Selective attention essay

If a stimulus occurred the way people expected it, it was perceived more quickly. Because we have only a limited capacity to process information, this filter is designed to prevent the information-processing system from becoming overloaded.

Ultimately, participants were asked to shadow the message presented to one ear, repeating back as quickly and accurately as possible what the voice was saying Eysenck, Psychology A motivated person is ready to act. They were shown a warning stimulus near the fixation point followed by a target stimulus, which was a letter displayed to either the left or the right of the fixation point.

The subject is presented with stimuli that vary in two of their component parts or dimensions. LaBerge presented words with 5 letters requiring participants to either identify the middle letter, requiring a narrow attentional beam or identify the whole word, where a broad attentional beam was needed.

Selective attention allows you to purposely focus your conscious awareness on a specific stimulus. Although it is clear many subtle subconscious effects can exist with consumer processing no evidence supports the notion that marketers can systematically control consumers at that level.

Selective distortion is the tendency to interpret information in a way that will fit our preconceptions. So whatever message is sent to the unattended ear is not understood. Selective Attention Measures When it comes to analyzing percepts, it would be convenient if we could drop them on the floor and watch them shatter into natural pieces.

In that situation a number of competing messages from departing and incoming aircraft are arriving continuously, all requiring attention.

Selective Attention Essay

This limited capacity for paying attention has been conceptualized as a bottleneck, which restricts the flow of information. Broadbent's and Treisman's Models of Attention are all bottleneck models because they predict we cannot consciously attend to all of our sensory input at the same time.

For example, research by Von Wright et al indicated analysis of the unattended message in a shadowing task.

Selective Attention Essay Sample

Selective attention sets out what events people become conscious of Martin et al. The late positive wave of the evoked potential occurs in relation to the final response selection and in general reflects the amount of unequivocal information processed from stimulus to response.

It also explains why marketers need to use repetition in sending messages to their target market to make sure their message is not overlooked. Different mechanisms serve to filter out irrelevant information and make us more responsive to particular stimuli.

Journal of Acoustical Society of America, 25 5 The early studies all used people who were unfamiliar with shadowing and so found it very difficult and demanding.

In her experiments, Treisman demonstrated that participants were still able to identify the contents of an unattended message, indicating that they were able to process the meaning of both the attended and unattended messages.

Results revealed that subjects were only able to notice the physical aspects e. Human Perception and Performance, 9, In an experiment with bilingual participants, Treisman presented the attended message in English and the unattended message in a French translation.

Selective Attention Essay Sample

One of the inputs is then selected on the basis of its physical characteristics for further processing by being allowed to pass through a filter. Arrows presented served as cues for participants to expect the letter to occur either to the right or to the left. Treisman carried out dichotic listening tasks using the speech shadowing method.

More essays like this: Selective attention determines the target for smooth eye movements.

Selective Attention Paper

When the unattended message was ahead of the shadowed message by up to 2 seconds, participants noticed the similarity. Others believe that it may be controlled by instructions; for example school teachers used to shout to their students to pay attention to the lesson or they would fail the test.

Participants were asked to listen to one out of two messages presented at the same time, one to each ear. In addition, Posner et al.Selective attention is a cognitive process in which a person attends to one or a few sensory inputs while ignoring the other ones. Selective attention can be likened to the manner by which a bottleneck restricts the flow rate of a fluid.

Selective Attention: It has been estimated that the average person may be exposed to over 1, ads or brand communications a day. Because a person cannot possibly attend to all of these stimuli will be screened out-a process called selective attention.

SELECTIVE ATTENTION, DISTORTION AND RETENTION A motivated person is ready to he motivated person actually acts is influenced by his or her view or perception of the situation.

Perception is the process by which an individual selects, organizes, and interprets information inputs to create a meaningful picture the world. Selective attention is a cognitive process in which a person attends to one or a few sensory inputs while ignoring the other ones.

Selective Attention

Selective attention can be likened to the manner by which a bottleneck restricts the flow rate of a fluid. Essay on The Selective Attention Process and Its Effect on Consumers - Introduction The purpose of this short report is to discuss the selective attention process and further to that discuss how it.

This essay will compare and contrast early and late selection models of attention The main examples used to illustrate similarities and differences will be Broadbent’s () filter theory model (as cited in Driver, ) which was the first cognitive.

Selective attention essay
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